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Group Transportation for Tours in Auckland

Are you arranging group transportation for tours in Auckland? We know how difficult this process can be, but help is at hand. Contact us at Ashco today so we can make the arrangements for you.

We have a selection of vehicles available so can cater for any requirements and any size of group. Plus, we have extensive experience providing tours in the Auckland area. This includes where we provide the transportation only as well as when we also provide a tour guide. In addition, our drivers are knowledgeable too.

Comprehensive Service

Crucially, you can trust that we will handle the whole process when you come to us, taking the stress out of booking group transportation for tours.

Our prices are competitive too, so please call us today to find out more, to discuss your options, and to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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Extra Charges Details

  1. Payment by Bank Transfer or Credit Card only ($3 or 5% whichever is higher) extra for credit card payment. Cash payment only accepted if arranged and accepted by company.
  2. Each extra Baggage other than 2 baggages (7kg & 23kg) per pax may be charged $5 extra.
  3. Surf Boards, Push Bike, Oversize baggage etc. each $10 extra.
  4. Soiling/Rubbishing the shuttle bus in any form incurs $300 cleaning charges.
  5. All Arrival transfers will be "Meet and Greet" transfers incurring $15 extra from the above given prices.
  6. Minimum charges for all arrival pickups $50 (including $15 "Meet and Greet" charges).
  7. All jobs that are performed between the hours of 2200 and 0600 hours will be charged $10 extra.
  8. All Tour prices can be discussed by email or phone.